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Dr. Ahmet Hamdi AYTEKİN


Dr. Ahmet Hamdi AYTEKİN graduated from İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 2006. He worked in the Department of Anatomy at İstanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine for a while and then completed his residency in the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at İnönü University Faculty of Medicine.


After completing residency, he worked as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Malatya State Hospital. During his residency and expertise period, he participated in numerous professional congresses and meetings both domestically and internationally, enhancing his knowledge and experience.  Dr. AYTEKİN, who has authored numerous scientific articles and book chapters in international and national peer-reviewed journals, successfully represented Türkiye by receiving the Best Presentation Award in the Head and Neck Reconstruction Assistant Competition at the Reconstructive Microsurgery Symposium held at Mayo Clinic in the USA in 2012.

As a member of local and international plastic surgery associations, Dr. AYTEKİN offers you the latest plastic surgery services. Serving more than 10.000 patients since 2008, Dr. AYTEKİN aims to enhance the natural beauty of each patient through cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive methods. With both surgical and non-surgical procedures, Dr. AYTEKİN helps you achieve natural aesthetic results that boost your self-confidence, improve your health, and enhance your beauty. The treatments are tailored to each individual, provided in a warm and caring environment. Patients can get quick responses to their inquiries and express their concerns through messaging or phone calls.

Why Dr. Ahmet Hamdi Aytekin Clinic?

Dr. Ahmet Hamdi Aytekin is authorized by the Ministry of Health to provide services to international patients and offers aesthetic surgery services to patients from almost every part of the world.

Dr. Aytekin’s priority is to provide an exceptional patient-oriented experience without compromising on honesty, safety, and transparency. At Dr. Aytekin Clinic, we specialize in body shaping and facial aesthetics. With expertise in various areas, including tummy tucks, breast aesthetics, facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and more, we have a wide network of satisfied patients and a wealth of experience.

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Dr. Ahmet Hamdi AYTEKİN

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

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