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Life has its rewards as well as its drawbacks in some cases. As a result of factors such as aging, smoking, sun, stress, and other factors that have a negative impact on the skin, the structure of cells deteriorates over time, resulting in unwanted wrinkles on the skin. Although wrinkles on the skin are inevitable for various reasons, individuals have the option of delaying their wrinkles with Botox.

Botox has taken its place in the medical world as a medical protein and has been used in various treatments for many years. The period when Botox treatment gained its popularity coincides with the period when it began to be used in wrinkle treatment. It is still actively used today as a surgical method used on skins with moderate and deep wrinkles.

What is the Effect of Botox?

The most dynamic lines on the skin are the lines on the face. Facial expression lines that emerge with mimic movements are also known as lines that are revealed as a result of the contraction of muscles located under the skin. Muscle contraction is prevented in people who are treated with Botox. With its structure that prevents nerve passages by being applied under the skin, the area where botox treatment is applied always stays tense and saves people from wrinkles. Botox can be used to eliminate wrinkles on the face as well as wrinkles on the neck. During the treatment process, each patient starts the treatment process after a special planning due to having their own muscle type.
People do not experience pain at a disturbing level during Botox treatment. A cream with local anesthesia effect is applied to the area where the treatment will be performed before starting the application. Subcutaneous injection is applied to wrinkle points determined according to the person’s muscle structure with needles with very thin needles. The injected medicine only offers a solution for wrinkles in that area. The treatment time is an average of 10-20 minutes. Botox begins to show its effect within approximately 2-3 weeks after application.
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