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Facelift Surgery


woman face marked by plastic surgeon before facelift surgery

You can’t get back your lost years, but you can get back your appearance. You can get rid of wrinkles and sagging on your face due to time with surgical operation. Even if it is not to stop time, it is possible to turn back the clock by 5-10 years with a facelift surgery. Rhytidectomy, in medical language, can eliminate wrinkles, sagging, and fat under the chin in the face and neck area, and offer you a more vibrant and younger skin.

These surgeries can be applied to the entire face or a specific part of the face. Operations such as forehead lift, lifting eyebrows that have succumbed to gravity, eyelid aesthetics, and fillers can also be performed with a facelift.

Before and After Surgery

If you have decided to have surgery, you should choose a fully equipped hospital. Facelift surgery performed by aesthetic surgeons under general anesthesia takes an average of 3-4 hours. You will be discharged on the same day, but depending on the size of the surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for one day.

After the surgery, bruises and swelling occur around the face and eyes, a numbness sensation arises on the face, it heals within 2 weeks. Stitches are taken in 5-7 days. To start makeup, you should wait for the stitches to be removed and protect your face from impacts and sunlight for 2 months. You should also wait 2 weeks for sex and strenuous exercise. If the operation is applied on men, the biggest problem can be experienced during shaving. It is necessary not to shave for 2-3 weeks and to shave carefully until fully healed. It takes 3 months to return to normal life.

The best results for facelifts are obtained between the ages of 40-65. In this age group, the skin of the face has started to sag but has not yet lost its elasticity. Factors such as age, skin elasticity, smoking come into play in terms of how successful the surgeries will be.

After deciding to have surgery, all processes that work should be operated by consulting with the doctor who will perform the operation.

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