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The number of people complaining about wrinkles on their face is not negligible, and there are many people who prefer facial fillers because of this complaint. With fillers, wrinkles and scars on the face can be treated, as well as filling in hollow areas on the face or thickening thin lips for those who want it.

Filler is an ideal method for those who want to achieve a much younger appearance in a short time. Although there is a noticeable change in appearance with the filler method, the main advantage of this method is that this change looks natural. Those who prefer filler treatment are psychologically uplifted by the reactions they receive from their surroundings such as “Oh, you still look so young” and feel more energetic.

Why is it Important to Get Filler?

The tired expression on the face can overshadow the beauty of individuals. Wrinkles and sagging can make the face look much older than it should be, and filler can also be applied as a solution for people with scars or other marks on their face. Filler can also be used to make lips more prominent if desired. Facial filler has a structure that gives fullness to the area where it is applied and can also have a collagen-boosting effect.

First, the area of complaint is identified for the filler procedure. An injection is performed into the area where the wrinkle is located or into the lip with a thin needle. The average injection time for filler varies between 20 and 30 minutes. One of the biggest reasons for the increasing popularity of filler is that it shows its effect immediately after the procedure. After the procedure is completed, people can continue their daily lives and the filler has a permanent effect of 8-18 months.

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