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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Aesthetics)

Gynecomastia, which is seen in one of every 5 men, means breast enlargement in men. Breast enlargement, which is due to many factors, causes psychological problems in men. Especially in adolescence, this problem can cause trauma. However, this problem disappears with male breast aesthetics.

Hormonal disorders, drugs used, obesity and genetic factors can cause breast enlargement in men. Some of these breast growths seen during adolescence pass over time. Some breast enlargements, on the other hand, do not go away over time, causing psychological problems in the person and it may be difficult to establish a relationship with the opposite sex.

Gynecomastia occurs in three different ways. The enlargement of the breast, the accumulation of fat within the breast, or the enlargement of the breast along with the accumulation of fat. Breast reduction surgery is performed according to these types. Before the operation, the person’s breast ultrasound is taken. By looking at this ultrasound, it is determined whether the cause of breast enlargement is spontaneous or due to fat accumulation. The type of operation to be performed is determined accordingly. If there is only fat accumulation, liposuction is performed. If there is enlargement in the breast, breast reduction and liposuction are performed. If there is fat and enlargement in the breast, then liposuction and reduction are performed. In some cases, excess skin on the breast may cause sagging, so these excesses may need to be removed.

Before and After Male Breast Aesthetics

In preoperative examinations for male breast aesthetics surgery, the possibility of breast cancer in adult men should also be considered. Apart from this, hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, thyroid, testicular diseases and drug use can also cause breast enlargement, so these situations should also be taken into account.

Breast reduction surgery lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour. During this process, excess tissue is removed and if fat removal will be performed, this procedure is performed. After the operation, there may be pain, swelling and numbness in the nipple. But these will stop after a while. The person can return to his daily life within a few days and continue his work. The person wears a corset for a few weeks to ensure that the breast adheres to the underlying tissue. Although there is no risk of infection and tissue loss in male breast aesthetics surgery, there may be asymmetrical disorders between two breasts, accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin, decay on the nipple, and possibility of infection. These situations should be explained to the patient and attention should be paid to antibiotic use after surgery.
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