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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover (Postpartum) Aesthetic Surgeries

Part of women abdomen with hands after mommy makeover surgery

Many things are taken into account to have a baby. After experiencing motherhood, sleepless nights, changing your entire lifestyle for the baby, gaining extra weight and sagging all come easy. But we can cross one of these difficulties off the list. Mommy Makeover aesthetics can eliminate the extra weight gained during pregnancy, sagging and deformation of the body. With surgical interventions, women can regain their former physical appearance. Thus, women’s lost self-confidence is restored.

Don’t Rush for Aesthetics

After the birth, 4 types of aesthetic operations are performed: Abdominal and breast aesthetics, vaginal tightening and liposuction. However, it is necessary to wait 6 months after birth for postpartum aesthetic procedures to be applied. For the breast lift operation, it is necessary to wait 2 months after the baby is weaned.

Which Operations Are Performed?

The details of postpartum aesthetic operations are as follows:

Tummy tuck: The most preferred operation is the tummy tuck operation. In this operation, called “Abdominoplasty” in medical language, excess skin and fat in the abdomen are removed and the sagging or cracked skin of the abdomen is stretched. Thus, the deformed abdomen leaves its place to a flat stomach.

Liposuction: Liposuction, or fat removal, is sometimes perceived as a type of weight loss method. However, this procedure should be done when as close as possible to ideal weight after childbirth. The operation is applied to areas such as the abdomen, waist, arms, legs and inner part of the knees.

Breast aesthetics: This operation is performed to shape and lift sagging breasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition to postpartum breast lift surgery, breast enlargement and reduction are also among the preferred ones.

Vaginal aesthetics: During normal delivery, the vagina can expand excessively and lose its elasticity and sagging may occur on the lips. Vaginal tightening surgery can be applied to eliminate this situation that can cause discomfort both sexually and in daily life.

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