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Various deformations occur in the eyelids due to changes experienced over the years. These deformations not only cause image distortion, but also affect the person’s vision. Along with eyelid aesthetics, the sagging of the eyelids is eliminated, and the person’s visual impairment also improves.

Sagging occurs in the eyelids over the years due to the effect of gravity. This sagging in the upper eyelids not only has a bad appearance in terms of image, but also causes vision problems as the sagging increases over time. In the lower eyelid, accumulated fat tissue causes bagging and herniation. In eyelid aesthetic surgery, this sagging in the upper lid is eliminated, and herniation is eliminated by removing the accumulated fat tissues in the lower eyelid.

Sagging in the upper eyelid can negatively affect a person’s daily life. Eyes can get tired quickly when watching television, reading a book or constantly looking at a point. A state of sleepiness may arise in the person.

Eyelid Surgery

The general condition of the patient is examined before eyelid aesthetics. Previous health problems, medications used, and alcohol and cigarette use are taken into account. The patient’s eye area is examined to determine sagging and fat accumulation, and the patient is given the necessary information on how the operation will be performed.

Eyelid aesthetic surgery lasts 1-1.5 hours. After eyelid aesthetic surgery performed under local anesthesia, the person can return home on the same day. After the application to prevent sagging in the upper eyelid, there is a scar on the lid fold, but this scar is not noticeable unless carefully looked at. To remove fat tissues in the lower eyelid, a procedure is performed just below the eyelashes and again no mark remains here. The patient’s stitches are removed within 3 to 5 days after the application and the person returns to daily life. After surgery, swelling and bruising around the eyes, burning and blurring in the eyes may occur. There may be sensitivity to light in the eyes at first. But these complaints disappear over time.
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